Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Step up week for the year 7s and some year 8s

This week we have been doing a load of cool things. Like playing game in rooms 2,4,5. We played games like Tower cup, arts and crafts, and we made trustful. on Wednesday the year 8 went of to camp and the year 7 stay at school and did lots of fun things like play games and do sports outside like soccer, tag and netball but first we got split in to 3 groups with 26, 25 and 22. So next we went in to 3 classes and sorted out our group name and group chant and than had our break. when we went to the street  and Mrs Ilaoa told as the we have an two hours to do our activity. Then after lunch we played sports game like tag, soccer and netball.

                  NEXT DAY THURSDAY 25th OF MAY
On Thursday we got the activity ready for the day and than we got into our  3 groups an play the games and than went to teach and than came back and played  sports games.

                                    FRIDAY 26th of may
On Friday we when to assemble and than came back and did our chant and than play more games it was to fun and and after morning tea time we are having shared lunch and  which and movie and than after lunch time we had our prize giving 

                                      PRIZE GIVING  26th of may at 2:30 And the teachers there giving out spot prize's that were lollies. At 2:30 we had our prize giving we had a draw with student name in a box and their  was 4 fidget spinners and i was the first name pick out of the draw and was so  amazed that it was my name i was like WOW       

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