Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Flounder day

Today at school we all had to go on the court and Mrs Burt told us what we were going to do when we got down there and we said our school karakia and then Mrs Burt said year 1s and 2s go first and then follow on. When the year 7s and 8s walk down it was so fun because we got to talk to our fiends and the walk didn't even take that long. when we got to the crossing ms haere was standing on the road so that we could all crossed safely when we got to the end of Pt England road the is a street called riverside when we turned on to riverside there was another teacher apposite Riki road and so we crossed again we finally made it to the Revserved we notice there was 12 or more in the sea catching baby flounders to put in our school tank to help then grow and then we are going to put then back in our Pt England sea. when every one was there they were just starting to sing a waiata so the year 7s and 8s all had to rush in to the back the waiata were Whakataka te hu, tai aroha, ka waiata. and then another karakia. it was finally time to walk back to school was cool because we could get out of the cold and talk to our friends walking back was exactly the same as walking down just a little more louder the walk there. What i really liked about the flounder fishing was that we could take them back to school and watch them grow up and the put then back in the sea. Total of flounder that were cached was 20 flounder 

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Introduction to measurement

This week we have been learning how to measure and measurement

Reading Measurement Scales

This week we have been learning how to solve and read measurement. For exzapale on a ruler there are big lines and little lines the big lines are Centermeters and the little lines are milometers

Walt: Read measurement scales


This week we have been learning about jupiter and space  

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Identify and Describe 2D shapes

This week we have been learning how to identify and describe 2D shapes. In 2D shapes there are 3 special names they are face, vertice and edges. H and W stans for Width and height

Identify and describe 3D shapes

This week we as a class have been learning how to describe 3D shape
WALT  identify and describe 3D shapes  

Elections 2017

WALT -  Reflecting - understand the leadership of groups in communities and societies.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I know I can do this when I can explain how leadership impacts my community 
This Week we have been learning About the Elections 2017. When you what to vote you have to been over 18 and older 

Place Value Knowledge Strategy

WALT -  split numbers into ones and tens to solve subtraction problems
Today we have been learning How to solve place value and adding it up