Thursday, 4 May 2017

Jelly beans and 200 toothpick

Today we were learning about the technological  we made a tracher building and book stand with only jelly beans and 200 toothpick. We had to hope in to groups of 5 and the Mrs Judd told us there 6 steps they were brainstorm, research, plan/design, create and present. we did a long one and it was a tooth pick height when we finished it. then the whole class when to the table down and it was the boys one and the lost then the next table me table we won with 7 BIG books then the next table lost to and the next table lost to and then we got and prize

Today the whole class did jelly beans and toothpicks and technology use illustrations, photographs, text boxes, diagrams, maps, charts and graph to locate appropriate information

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