Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Syriah Year 6 Camp - Kawau Island

Guess what? Last week, the year 6’s were so lucky to go to Kawau Island. When we got there Peter and Erin told as some safety rules so when there’s an emergency we have to go to the volleyball court.

When that was finished we went hiking. It took forever and when we got to our destination  on the top of the hill, it was the longest walk I’d ever been on. After that I felt good about myself. But walking down the hill was the worst because it was so slippery and some of us slipped.

The first activity we did was kayaking.  We kayaked two kilometers.I kept on going into the trees.  We saw a birds on the tree above the water looking in the water to see if it could see a fish for its breakfast. When we were coming back to camp, it was raining and all of us were so so cold we got goosebumps. The waves were so big I almost fell out of my kayak.

The activities we go to do sailing, kayaking, abseiling, swimming on the pontoon with life jackets, bivouac, bruma trail, it was fun doing all the activities. The one I liked the most was the burma trail.

When Mr Somerville  said “do we want to hear the good news or bad news?” we all said “bad news!” and he said the ferry sunk and we have to stay there for another day. i didn't like that because I wanted to go home. Then he told us the good news and it was that the ferry will be here in 5 minutes I was so happy.

Walt: Write a detailed recount about our experience to Kawau Island


  1. Hi Syriah,
    I loved how you said you saw birds in the trees looking down into the water looking for its breakfast. What an interesting piece of writing, it made me feel like I was at camp with you all too.

    1. Thank you Miss Lavakula for your lovely comment thank you

  2. Syriah, your writing is progressing so well! You have added descriptions and details so I know exactly what it was like for you at camp. I'm glad you had a great time. I love going to Year 6 camps.

  3. What a cool piece of writing Syriah! I am very proud of how much improvement you have made in your writing. I love how you described how you felt after the big long hike, it was a great achievement. I'm sorry I joked about the ferry... it was pretty funny to see all of your reactions though!