Thursday, 3 November 2016

Writing Test

One day a family went to the bush to go hiking. By the way my name is Gwynn and i have one sister and 2 brothers there names are Emma, William and Josh and my mum name is Shaniah and my dad name is Dan. We all went hiking together and the bush was dark. We were hunger so we stopped and are the chicken sandwiches and same water to keep us dehigthgradid.

Suddenly we were and big BANG we all got a friet. It might of been a tree sayed emma. Or it could've been a rock someone thyroid. It was getting dark and we couldn't find out way out so we put the tent up and sat in it tell the morning time so we could get out mum was freaking out because we were stuck in the tent all night.

When it was morning time we got out of the tent and packet it up so we can go home and that was the end of my story they never went hiking again. And they went to go get  

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  1. Hi sariah I like you writing there heaps of interesting