Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Maths Problems

this week we have been learning about secret code maths fill in the blank and - and x together.
BED-MAS stans for Brackets, Exponents, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Findinf hearty facts

This week we have been learning about getting/ Finding information from the text.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

guest speaker

This Link goes to NZ herald Click Here  

This Morning at 9:25,All of Team 5 had to meet in the street because there was a guest coming to talk to us about something,Then When Mr Patterson came to talk to us about what are we launching in our future, we knew what he was going to talk to us about. First we talked about What is our Aim for success, There were three letters A + I = M, it had taken quite time for all of us to figure it out, then some kids put up their hands The A stands for Aspiration. Aspiration means when your parents or your alarm wake's you up in the morning, Your just thinking about how is your day going to turn out, either is it going to be a great day for you or another boring day for you as always.

The Last one was M, M also stands for Motivation, It means when some one motivate's you,It was onto the next slide it said Aim for success! Aiming for success means Aiming for your future and upcoming things like going to college. because he came here to talk to the year 8's and the year 7's to. but he came to talk to the year 8's about college because it's their last year here in Team 5.
Be a Giver not a Taker. because if you be a giver then you are doing the right thing to the person your giving to. if you take from some one that means your not doing the right thing and your just Taking something that isn't the right thing to do. Because Mr Patterson was saying to us that he just came back from Australia and he got here and he said that his flight just got cancelled, and he said he had been waiting in line. There were about 100 people waiting in line, he said he saw a young couple and their 3 children that was under 5.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Pt England School

My life at pt england school has made me really S T S. Being apart of team 5 i was always told that i can S T S in my Future. Our school motto is and will always be is Strive to Succeed and i would like to remember that all the teachers told me to strive to succeed

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Flounder day

Today at school we all had to go on the court and Mrs Burt told us what we were going to do when we got down there and we said our school karakia and then Mrs Burt said year 1s and 2s go first and then follow on. When the year 7s and 8s walk down it was so fun because we got to talk to our fiends and the walk didn't even take that long. when we got to the crossing ms haere was standing on the road so that we could all crossed safely when we got to the end of Pt England road the is a street called riverside when we turned on to riverside there was another teacher apposite Riki road and so we crossed again we finally made it to the Revserved we notice there was 12 or more in the sea catching baby flounders to put in our school tank to help then grow and then we are going to put then back in our Pt England sea. when every one was there they were just starting to sing a waiata so the year 7s and 8s all had to rush in to the back the waiata were Whakataka te hu, tai aroha, ka waiata. and then another karakia. it was finally time to walk back to school was cool because we could get out of the cold and talk to our friends walking back was exactly the same as walking down just a little more louder the walk there. What i really liked about the flounder fishing was that we could take them back to school and watch them grow up and the put then back in the sea. Total of flounder that were cached was 20 flounder 

Image result for flounder baby

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Introduction to measurement

This week we have been learning how to measure and measurement

Reading Measurement Scales

This week we have been learning how to solve and read measurement. For exzapale on a ruler there are big lines and little lines the big lines are Centermeters and the little lines are milometers

Walt: Read measurement scales


This week we have been learning about jupiter and space  

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Identify and Describe 2D shapes

This week we have been learning how to identify and describe 2D shapes. In 2D shapes there are 3 special names they are face, vertice and edges. H and W stans for Width and height

Identify and describe 3D shapes

This week we as a class have been learning how to describe 3D shape
WALT  identify and describe 3D shapes  

Elections 2017

WALT -  Reflecting - understand the leadership of groups in communities and societies.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I know I can do this when I can explain how leadership impacts my community 
This Week we have been learning About the Elections 2017. When you what to vote you have to been over 18 and older 

Place Value Knowledge Strategy

WALT -  split numbers into ones and tens to solve subtraction problems
Today we have been learning How to solve place value and adding it up 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Speechs in team 5

At 12:00 on the dock team 5 all assembled in the street and team 5 had some visitors guests who it was it was  team 3 year 3 and 4. The first person was a Girl named Amelia her speech was about who her nana was always smiling at her job at river-a-riner school doing the spring cleaning. In Amelia's speech she said i wonder why my nana was always smiling when she arrived at school was it her cleaning the sink toilets or seeing he cheeky and loving granddaughter. Amelia's was my favourite speech person. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Syriah Pictograms

This week we learnt about  pictograms

Syriah MMRM

MMRM stand for Mode, Medan, Range and Mean, The mode is the most common number that occurs all the time.

Syriah Introduction to Probability

This week we did probability. Probability is when you think something is gonna happen or not gonna happen so you say impossible or possible.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Syriah Statistics_WK3_Weta

This week we have been learning about tally charts and  understanding tables.

WALT Collect and interpret data
Success Criteria I know I can do this when- I can create and explain data in tally charts
- I can create and explain data in a bar (or column) graph

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Unuseless Invention 2

Make connections between the text and the world we live inSC: I'll know I can do this when: I can give my opinion about an inventions usefulness in the real world

This week we have been learning about inventions thinks and complementing in other peoples invention. We read the articles that were in the class site, we read it and after we finished reading then we move on to completing the tasks on the class site and then post it on our blogs
hope you enjoy.    

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Step up week for the year 7s and some year 8s

This week we have been doing a load of cool things. Like playing game in rooms 2,4,5. We played games like Tower cup, arts and crafts, and we made trustful. on Wednesday the year 8 went of to camp and the year 7 stay at school and did lots of fun things like play games and do sports outside like soccer, tag and netball but first we got split in to 3 groups with 26, 25 and 22. So next we went in to 3 classes and sorted out our group name and group chant and than had our break. when we went to the street  and Mrs Ilaoa told as the we have an two hours to do our activity. Then after lunch we played sports game like tag, soccer and netball.

                  NEXT DAY THURSDAY 25th OF MAY
On Thursday we got the activity ready for the day and than we got into our  3 groups an play the games and than went to teach and than came back and played  sports games.

                                    FRIDAY 26th of may
On Friday we when to assemble and than came back and did our chant and than play more games it was to fun and and after morning tea time we are having shared lunch and  which and movie and than after lunch time we had our prize giving 

                                      PRIZE GIVING  26th of may at 2:30 And the teachers there giving out spot prize's that were lollies. At 2:30 we had our prize giving we had a draw with student name in a box and their  was 4 fidget spinners and i was the first name pick out of the draw and was so  amazed that it was my name i was like WOW       

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

How to make Truffles

Today we made truffles in our big groups and then we got in to littler groups. So next we got a pieces of paper on how to make the truffles. so i went up and got the ingredients and put it all in and mixed i all up. then we got our hands covered in chocolate and then we got coconut and rolled it in coconut and let it sit overnight

1x Super wine biscuits
1x Can condensed milk
1/4 cup coco
3/4  cup choc chips
1 cup Desiccated

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Hexagon Groups

 WALT -  Make inferences about what has changed and what would have helped people

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Complex sentences

Turn these simple sentences into complex sentences:
1: I went to the shop with my dog.
2: I hate basketball because i dont know how to play.
3: I have a friend called Andrea and her last name is Talea.
4: The kittens were adopted by the family and they had fun.
5: Peanut butter and jam sandwiches are my favourite but my mum doesn't like it .
6: The surprise party was organised by Wendy’s two best friends and five of my best friends.
7: Charlie could not hear his watch ticking and the time when pass.
8: Sara owned a dog named emma and they like going for walks.
9: We have apples in the fridge and they are getting rotten.
10: Mrs Judd went to Samoa and she have the bestest time of her life.


Today we are learning to answer questions about the book we are reading.
WALT -  answer questions about the book we have read

Friday, 5 May 2017

Now That's Thinking

Today we were learning about the school topic and technology the focus question is what can we design,build, create or change to improve life at Pt England school .

Statistics 1

Today we learnt to collect data and bar graph, pictograph, strip graph, line graph, pie chart, stem and leaf chart.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Cipher wheel

Today we made and cipher wheel and we used a toilet paper roll and 4A piece of paper
WALT -  use illustrations, photographs, text boxes, diagrams, maps, charts and graph to locate appropriate information

Jelly beans and 200 toothpick

Today we were learning about the technological  we made a tracher building and book stand with only jelly beans and 200 toothpick. We had to hope in to groups of 5 and the Mrs Judd told us there 6 steps they were brainstorm, research, plan/design, create and present. we did a long one and it was a tooth pick height when we finished it. then the whole class when to the table down and it was the boys one and the lost then the next table me table we won with 7 BIG books then the next table lost to and the next table lost to and then we got and prize

Today the whole class did jelly beans and toothpicks and technology use illustrations, photographs, text boxes, diagrams, maps, charts and graph to locate appropriate information

Monday, 10 April 2017

Syriah 1 Learning Evidence

We are leaning  to summarise information in a text

Talking points

Talking points so today we have been learning to have a group discussion so when someone is talking to be quiet when someone is talking.
WALT -   Participate in a group discussion by actively listening and speaking

Friday, 7 April 2017



Today we have been learning to identify and compare fractions. 
like 1/2, 1/4, 2/3, 7/10, 4/5. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

What a disaster

Room 2 have been learning to give evidence to people. Evidence is when you ask someone ask you for help.WALT -  Summarise information in a text
SUCCESS CRITERIA:  I will know I can do this when I find key words/information and make notes  

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Water wise

WALT -  Support all my answers with evidence from the text
Success Criteria:  I will know I can do this when I can use information from the text to back up my answers

The Three Kete Of Knowledge

WALT - Make connections between our prior knowledge and examples within the text in order to understand more abstract ideas in the text.