Monday, 23 February 2015

The pt england way -WITS

The Pt England Way  - WITS    
Use your WITS means W-Walk away, I-Ignore, T-Talk about it and S-Seek help. You should use your WITS because it can help you when someone is mean to you in life.

Walk away from the person doing mean things. You have to move far away so they can’t see you anymore. One time when someone was swearing at me I walked away and couldn’t hear them anymore.

Ignore it is when you don’t listen or look at the person being mean. If you ignore them then it doesn’t hurt you anymore. When kids in my class give me mean eyes I don’t look at them and ignore them.

Talk about it means go ask them to stop it. Say “I do not like it.” When my brother is being mean by swearing at me I say stop it please I do not like it and sometimes he will stop.

Seek help means look for an adult to tell them the name of the person that is hurting you. Remember to tell them you have already talked to the person but they haven’t stopped. Sometimes I have to talk to my mum when my brother is hurting me.

You should use your WITS if someone is being mean to you because it will get you far in life. It will keep you out of trouble.  

Monday, 16 February 2015

Beach Frogs

We have been learning about Beach Frogs. I found out that we only keep them for a few days. This is my presentation about Beach Frogs

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Spending time with Family

In the holidays me and my family did lots of fun activities. We spent lots of time together.

First we went to Rainbows End. We went on the rides for a fun day. The cool part was when I went on the cool ride called Fear Fall. It was scary because it went up and then dropped down fast.

On Monday we went to the pools. There were three pools. There were two cold ones and one warm one. I liked the cold ones because it was a hot day.

We also went rock climbing. I really liked spending time with my family.