Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Sign Language

This week on monday language week started. Sign language week started on may the 7th on monday and it ends on may the 13th We have sign language week in new zealand because sometimes you can meet people that can't hear but if you Learn sign language you will be able to communicate to people who can´t hear. In new zealand we have 3 languages. Maori, english and sign language learning language is really fun because you could use sign language To say how are you to someone you can't hear or even hello what your name and much more.

Sign language is really easy to learn by searching up how to speak in sign language or how to say your name. Sign language is really important because you can say hi to everyone in sign language or how are you or even how to say a full conversation in sign language. Learning sign language is really easy to learn if you practice a lot and you will get really better of saying hello and saying much more in sign language. Learning new things like sign language is very important. Heaps of people in the world are deaf but if you learn sign language is will be more easier to communicate to people you can´t hear.

Sign language can sometimes be really hard to learn but if you keep on practicing you´ll get much better and you could talk to people who can't hear. Sign language can be really helpful when you meet someone that can´t hear.

If you want to know how to learn sign language you can just search it up online alest if you want to learn sign language. Also there is a song up called no place like home by tiki taane and it in a sign language form.

We have Sign language in new zealand because every year because it good and important to learn sign language. So you can talk to anyone that is deaf and to ones that can´t hear. Sign language in new zealand is really important

Because we celebrate the people who are deaf and struggle with hearing.

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