Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Lost while camping

One day we went camping in the forest and we got lost. By the way my name is Shaniah and I have 2 sisters and 1 brother including me. My sisters names are and Angela KC. My brothers name is Wayne. My Mums name is Ana and my Dad's name is Jayden.

We were all feeling really Angry, Hungry and Tired. The reason why we were getting Angry, Hungry and Tired it’s because we were lost. We all had the same idea. Our idea was to put sticks on the ground and brake of a branch from a tree. That is how we know that we’ve been there. Because there were heaps of paths we needed to take. There was 5 paths we needed to take.

We had a map but the next day we looked and the map was gone. We asked each other did you take the map and everyone said no. But hours later in the afternoon Zane admitted it. He said I kick the map in the river but when he told us we were really angry with him. The only thing he said was the map was useless anyways.

But lucky we had a Flare Gun but we only had 3 rounds left. But there was 5 Flare Gun’s left. We almost got 1 each but only if there was 1 more Flare Gun.

But a few hours later we were saved from people and we never ever went back there again. But the people who saved us they went back there and they got lost just like us. But they never survived because they were Angry, Hungry and tired.

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